China B2C Logistics


China’s e-commerce market is Asia’s largest online consumer market. And you now have easy access to it. Establish your foothold in China using the China B2C Logistics Programme. It offers you an end-to-end solution that manages the handling of consumer orders, inventory and goods, the flow and exchange of information between your website and the couriers’ networks, and the documentation to go along with it.

You can also make the most of our country specialists, with their many years of operational experience in China, to define and set up your own B2C China Logistics Programme.

How you benefit

  • Meet your Chinese consumers’ needs using a convenient end to end solution
  • Gain access to more than 1,600 cities
  • Reach your customers in 1-4 days
  • Swiftly set up operations in new locations
  • Implement solutions with the flexibility and scale you need
  • Seamlessly exchange information and events
  • Dynamically select the best courier service provider for each location
  • Use one warehouse for all operations to save on handling for import goods

Program Outline

Running your entire logistics network, from the import and receipt of goods to final delivery to your end-consumers, has never been easier.



Collect both your domestic and imported goods with ease by letting us receive them and clear customs.


Ensure the goods always meet your standards by using our inspection teams and storage.


Get consumer orders ready for delivery faster using the EDI feature that ensures packing, labelling and documentation of all orders.


Move orders effortlessly thanks to our services that select the best courier and manage coordination, waybill printing and pick-ups.


Rest assured that your end-consumer will receive the order at an address of their choice through the courier service.


Enable your consumers to track their order via your website and the final delivery via the courier service's website.


Measure courier and warehouse performance, track all milestones and view all data on a simple dashboard.


You can also store imported goods in a bonded area and get customs cleared at your convenience.

To find out more about B2C China Logistics programme, you can reach out to one of our industry experts, or your nearest Maersk Office.


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