The protein shipping specialists

Shipping protein cargo such as meat, poultry and dairy products requires a high level of care and expertise.

Our protein shipping specialists have an in-depth knowledge of your industry, and they care about the success of your business. We provide shipping solutions that optimise your supply chain, and ensure your frozen and chilled cargo reaches its destination in peak condition – wherever in the world that happens to be.

Change destinations – even in transit – with ease

The protein market is one of the most dynamic in the world. Demand changes constantly, and delivery dates and destinations are altered on a daily basis. For you to take advantage of opportunities when they arise, you need flexibility.

Flexibility is our forte. So when you need to change the destination of your shipment, we will do our best to make it happen. Simply submit a written request by email and we will issue a change of destination order – even if your cargo is in transit – so you can react to changes quickly and efficiently to meet demand in different parts of the world.

While you dedicate your time and energy to other things that matter to your business, we will take care of getting your protein cargo to its destination on time and in perfect condition. That is our promise to you.

Unique cold chain transparency with Remote Container Management (RCM)

To improve the visibility of your cold chain, we have developed a platform that provides you with full access to your reefer performance data.

Thanks to this unique innovation, you are able to make better and more informed decisions regarding your reefer cargo and optimise your supply chain based on the data – enabling you to deliver your promise to your customers.

We are very excited to take part in this innovative journey together with you!

Reducing your carbon foot print

Thanks to our new, larger and more fuel-efficient vessels, innovative Quest II refrigeration technology and a fleet of more than 270,000 state-of-the-art refrigerated containers, we can provide you with energy-efficient transportation solutions that will reduce the carbon footprint of your supply chain.

To ensure our work has maximum impact on your environmental performance, we deliver full transparency over your supply chain impacts, and have in-house experts ready to help you with your specific sustainability issues.