Special care for your pharmaceutical cargo

When it comes to transporting your pharmaceutical cargo, you need a partner you can trust. We ensure reliability across your supply chain with seamless shipping solutions by land and sea that are tailored to your needs, from pick up to final delivery.


Many of the world’s leading pharmaceutical companies rely on us to deliver their products safely and securely. It is easy to see why. With unrivalled expertise and advanced refrigerated transport technology, we safeguard the quality of pharmaceutical products from origin to destination.

Reinforcing your promise with groundbreaking RCM technology

To ensure that pharmaceutical cargo is stored in the perfect environment from pick up through to delivery, each of our refrigerated containers is digitally connected to a central monitoring hub via a system we call Remote Container Management (RCM).

RCM allows us to monitor and record every container’s location, power status, temperature, humidity and ventilation settings throughout the entire journey. And to improve the visibility of your cold chain, we provide you with full access to your reefer performance data.

Thanks to this groundbreaking innovation, you can provide your customers with full visibility of the cargo they have entrusted you with, thereby reinforcing your promise to them.

  • Know exactly where every container is throughout its entire journey
  • Know the conditions of transport for the entire journey – specifically the precise temperature inside the container
  • Meet quality assurance standards during tenders
  • Optimise quality assurance for tenders
  • Share data with your customers and third parties, such as insurance companies
  • Precise temperature control throughout the shipping process


Leading the way in Good Distribution Practice for shipping

The requirements of the pharmaceutical industry are stringent and must meet EU Good Distribution Practice (GDP) guidelines, as well as the strict Quality Assurance required by pharmaceutical manufacturers and distributors. We understand these guidelines and requirements – and make sure our shipping solutions meet them.

We are building a Quality Management System (QMS) designed specifically for the pharmaceutical industry. Based on the requirements of the EU’s GDP guidelines, it covers everything from training and self-inspections to operational procedures, equipment and risk management. If you would like to know about our QMS - or you require information about a specific shipment - just let us know.

Benefits of shipping pharmaceutical cargo with us

  • An unbroken cold chain – with precise temperature control: Pharmaceutical cargo is transported in our refrigerated containers from origin to destination. The temperature and atmospheric conditions inside the container are monitored and maintained throughout the entire journey, via our Remote Container Management (RCM) system.
  • Clean containers: Our strict pharmaceutical shipping guidelines ensure all our containers used for pharmaceutical cargo are cleaned thoroughly between shipments to eliminate the risk of contamination between products.
  • Global coverage: Your containers of refrigerated goods can be transported to destinations all over the world via our unparalleled ocean network that joins 343 ports in 121 countries.?