We care for the fruits of your labour

We move more than half a million containers loaded with fruits and vegetables every year. We’re talking about the fruits of your labour – literally – and we take our role in your supply chain very seriously.


As experts in shipping fruit and vegetables, we know that your cargo is both precious and perishable. Whether you are shipping avocados, citrus, grapes or plums, we will make sure that your goods arrive in peak condition – whatever their destination.

Unique cold chain transparency with Remote Container Management (RCM)

To improve the visibility of your cold chain, we have developed a platform that provides you with full access to your reefer performance data.

Thanks to this unique innovation, you are able to make better and more informed decisions regarding your reefer cargo and optimise your supply chain based on the data – enabling you to deliver your promise to your customers.

We are very excited to take part in this innovative journey together with you!


Perfect ripeness upon arrival

Our Starcare? Controlled Atmosphere containers extend the shelf life of your fruit and vegetables by slowing down the ripening process during transit. As an example, transit times for avocados can be extended to as much as 34 days, so you can ship to any part of the globe without damaging your cargo.

Starcare? is particularly suited to avocados, bananas and asparagus because it maintains an ideal blend of oxygen and carbon dioxide within the reefer unit. This means your goods respire at the perfect rate throughout the voyage, and they arrive at the perfect stage in the ripening process.


Cold treatments that keep fruit flies and larvae away

If you are exporting fruits and vegetables to countries that are subject to cold treatment regulations, such as Australia, Japan, Korea, New Zealand, Taiwan or the United States, you can rely on us.

Thanks to our remote-controlled reefer containers, we can accurately monitor and adjust the temperatures inside your container to ensure that cold treatment protocols are followed, without damaging your cargo.

This means that your containerised cargo can be treated to safeguard against fruit fly and larvae infestation while in transit, rather than requiring time-consuming land-based cold treatment. As a result, you can optimise the speed of your deliveries while complying with cold treatment regulations.

Our in-transit cold treatment monitored via our remote-controlled containers:

  • Effectively eliminates fruit flies and larvae – without damaging your cargo
  • Eliminates the need for chemical fumigation
  • Gets your cargo to your markets faster by removing the need for land-based cold treatments

LiquiCool? for your fruit juices

A cool technology, LiquiCool? is the most cost-efficient way of transporting fruit and vegetable juices.

LiquiCool? bags are easy to fill and pre-fitted to our containers to make handling simple. And, because the LiquiCool? bags can be transported from origin to destination without opening, your fruit and vegetable juices are kept at a perfect temperature throughout the journey. The result? Your fruit and vegetable juices are perfectly fresh upon arrival.

LiquiCool? bags mean:

  • Zero rehandling: One packaging solution for the entire journey
  • No investment needed – just pay per bag per use
  • Reduced loading time – from 20 man-hours to just 90 minutes
  • More room for your juice: LiquiCool? bags take up less room, increasing the volume of your shipment by 5%
  • Reduced waste – thanks to a residue level below 30 litres