Shipping fish and seafood

When it comes to transporting fish and seafood, time is of the essence. Our advanced shipping solutions are designed to make sure your chilled and frozen goods are loaded faster and arrive fresher than ever before.


Our dedicated teams of reefer specialists are here to help 24/7 with tailored shipping solutions that will ensure your fish and seafood arrive on time and in peak condition – whatever their destination.

Benefits of containerised shipping with us

  • Optimal flexibility: Container shipping is the most flexible and cost-effective way of reaching your markets. You can ship a single container or multiple containers to different parts of the world and react to changes in global markets, even while your goods are in transit, via our Change of Destination Service.
  • Global coverage: Your containers of refrigerated and frozen goods can be transported to destinations all over the world via our unparalleled global network of 343 ports in 121 countries, and an Inland Services network of trucks, barges and trains that connects seamlessly with our ocean vessels.

Sortie and Stuffie containers. Improving the quality of fish and seafood.

With our Sortie and Stuffie containers your fish and seafood get to market quicker and are fresher upon arrival.

How it works?
Your cargo is containerised at port, direct from the fishing vessel. The catch is loaded through hatches in the top of the Sortie/Stuffie container and immediately chilled or frozen, thereby optimising your cold/frozen supply chain.

Sortie and Stuffie containers perform the same function, but up to five reefer or Super Freeze containers can be connected to a Sortie container. This means that the catch can also be sorted as it is discharged from the fishing vessel. An airtight seal ensures full refrigeration between the connected containers throughout the process.

Sortie and Stuffie containers:

  • Increase your yields by reducing the time spent discharging (sorting)
  • Reduce your fishing vessel’s port expenses
  • Minimise cargo handling and exposure to ambient temperatures

What kinds of commodities benefit from Sortie and Stuffie Containers?
High value, ultra-low temperature frozen fish – mainly tuna – where even small changes in temperature can have a negative impact on the quality of the cargo.

Caring for the environment

Thanks to our new, larger and more fuel-efficient vessels and a fleet of more than 270,000 state-of-the-art refrigerated containers, we can provide you with energy-efficient transportation solutions that will reduce the carbon footprint of your supply chain.

To ensure our work has maximum impact on your environmental performance, we deliver full transparency over your supply chain impacts, and have in-house experts ready to help you with your specific sustainability issues.

Pushing the boundaries of innovation for brine frozen tuna

Our special container loading system facilitates efficient discharging and loading of brine frozen tuna direct from the fishing vessel. Up to two reefer containers can be filled simultaneously for greater speed and efficiency – saving you time to increase your yields.

With our brine frozen tuna solution, you can enjoy all the benefits of containerised shipping, including:

  • Minimised handling of cargo: Your goods are untouched during the course of their journey.
  • End-to-end service: We look after your cargo from shipside to processing plant.
  • Flexibility: Ship your brine frozen tuna in smaller quantities to multiple locations.
  • On-site sorting: Ship your product by size and variety.

Super Freezer containers

Certain cargo needs to be shipped at ultra-low temperatures, such as frozen tuna for the Japanese sushi and sashimi markets. That is why we developed the Super Freezer container.

Super Freezer containers maintain a constant temperature that can be as low as -60°C (-76°F). You cargo can be loaded as processed, as fillets or as whole fish, and will remain super-frozen for the entire journey.

Super Freezer containers give you:

  • True global reach: Ship your goods to the other side of the world in the knowledge they will arrive in peak condition.
  • Minimised cargo handling: Your goods are untouched during the course of their journey.
  • An unbroken cold chain: Your frozen goods remain in a perfect environment until the container is opened at its destination.
  • Fast delivery: Your products can be shipped in smaller quantities, which yields a higher market price while improving your cash flow.
  • Reduced cold-storage costs: End-to-end delivery at optimum temperatures.
  • Extended trading seasons: Less cargo is required to make up a shipment.

What kinds of commodities benefit from Super Freezer transportation?

Deep-frozen commodities, such as sea urchins, swordfish, and specifically tuna benefit from being transported at -60°C.