Global shipping for your electronics cargo

When it comes to shipping your electronics cargo, you need a partner you can rely on. Our team of experts add a spark to your business with tailor-made shipping solutions that optimise your supply chain and propel your business forward.

Your reliable connection for electronics shipping

Whether you are shipping smartphones, computers, TVs, kitchen appliances or components for telecommunications systems, we have the capacity to deliver your electronics cargo safely and securely to any part of the world. With an unparalleled global network that covers both ocean and inland transport and in-depth knowledge of the electronics and appliances industry, we ensure a reliable connection between all the points in your supply chain – from your component manufacturing unit to your assembly lines, and all the way to your final retail destinations.

When you partner with us, you get:

  • A team of specialists and account managers with extensive knowledge of the electronics industry, dedicated to the success of your business
  • Access to our global network calling at 343 ports worldwide
  • A strong presence in your key locations with offices in 141 countries
  • Simple online ordering, tracking and logistics management
  • Full transparency over every container and shipment

Take advantage of new opportunities

In the fast-moving electronics and appliances industry, you need to be able to react quickly to changing conditions and market trends. Whether you want to reduce transport days in your current solution, establish a manufacturing unit in a new location or quickly set up a supply line to an emerging market, we are here to help.

When one of the world’s largest electronics manufacturers set up a new assembly unit in Eastern Europe, for example, we established a dedicated express rail service to connect with its manufacturing units in Asia – so it could increase production quickly and take advantage of new market opportunities..

Reducing costs for Samsung India

When Samsung India was looking to reduce inventory and warehousing costs, the electronics giant asked us if we could cut transport times from its inland factories to its sales markets in East Asia. Our solution was to set up a just-in-time door-to-door delivery service that includes both ocean transport and a priority rail connection, reducing inland transportation time by nearly 13 days.

The support provided by the Maersk team has been phenomenal, and the brand lives up to its tagline: Your promise. Delivered.

Debashish Ganguly, Deputy General Manager, Samsung Electronics

Wherever your activities take place, we are there

With supply chain experts across the globe who specialise in transport solutions for the electronics and appliances industry, we are always close at hand when you need us. And, with a global network, frequent departures and a strong presence in Asia, we can safeguard the flow of your operations day in and day out.

Security throughout the supply chain

As with all high-value goods, security in the electronics and appliances industry is essential. We work closely with you to safeguard the security of your products, from origin to final destination. We can also work with you to develop tailor-made transport security systems based on your needs.

Lowering your carbon footprint

We believe that a smooth running supply chain and sustainability can go hand-in-hand. We offer industry-leading low-CO2 shipping, so the more you ship with us, the lower your carbon footprint.

To ensure our work has maximum impact on your environmental performance, we deliver full transparency over your supply chain impacts – and have in-house experts ready to help address sustainability issues specific to your supply chain.