Seamless shipping of your agricultural cargo

When transporting agricultural produce, cost and efficiency are key. That is why leading agricultural producers and animal feed suppliers rely on us to deliver their cargo. Our tailored transport solutions optimise your logistics, streamline your supply chain and propel your business forward.

End-to-end shipping solutions, tailored to your needs


We know that shipping agricultural cargo is not just about ships. Most cargo also needs to be transported inland, often at both ends of its journey. That’s why we offer flexible, door-to-door solutions that connect you with your key markets via an Inland Services network that connects seamlessly with our ocean vessels.

Whether you are shipping distillers grains to Cambodia or soya bean meal to Asia, our team of experts deliver flexible tailored shipping solutions that safeguard the quality of your agricultural produce, from origin to destination.

When you ship with us, you get:

  • Peace of mind: A team of specialists and account managers with extensive knowledge of your industry, dedicated to the success of your business
  • Access to equipment: Key equipment in the locations that matter to you
  • Seamless logistics: A consistent link from origin to destination
  • Access to key markets: The world’s largest global shipping network that connects you to all corners of the globe
  • Easy online shipping management: Submit or print your bill of lading, track your shipment and much more via our user-friendly e-commerce system
  • Sustainability: A sustainable shipping solution that will reduce your carbon footprint

Cost-effective solutions for agriculture

Container shipping is the most cost-effective and flexible way of reaching your markets. With us, you can ship a single container or multiple containers to almost anywhere in the world. And with our Change of Destination facility, you can reroute your cargo, even while it is in transit, so you can take full advantage of new opportunities as and when they arise.

Our container depots are strategically located throughout the world, so our high quality equipment and containers are never too far away, no matter how remote the location. After being filled, your container remains closed until it reaches its destination, reducing the risk of damage and contamination, while eliminating the need for sorting during transportation.

Your dedicated business partner

When you partner with us, you get a dedicated team of experts with an in-depth knowledge of the agricultural industry. We help and advise you on all aspects of the shipping process, from current regulations and last-minute destination changes to evaluating market trends and the origination of new business opportunities.

In short, we are here for you every step of the way – from your first call through to delivery.

Reducing the carbon footprint of your supply chain

We believe that an efficient supply chain and sustainability can go hand-in-hand. We offer industry-leading low-CO2 shipping, so the more you ship with us, the lower your carbon footprint.

To ensure our work has maximum impact on your environmental performance, we deliver full transparency over your supply chain impacts – and have in-house experts ready to help address sustainability issues specific to your supply chain.