Inland Services

Your cargo rarely begins or ends its journey at the port. As the world’s leading shipping company with an unrivalled global network, we offer end-to-end shipping solutions that are second to none. Whether you are shipping bananas or wind turbines, we can transport your cargo from origin to destination safely and on schedule.







Maersk has created a tailor-made rail/truck solution for the delivery of our import containers to our distribution centre in Homberg/Efze. Together with their reliable service, this ensures a fixed and stable supply of cargo every week around the year, and made our daily planning much easier.

Mr. Niels Hother Madsen (Purchasing Manager – Bettenwelt GmbH & Co. KG.)

Simple and reliable full-service solutions

Shipping is not just about ships. The ship is just a part of the supply chain and the cargo gets transported in the container from a location at the origin to an inland location elsewhere. This often means coordinating multiple suppliers, and every extra link in the chain increases your workload, reduces reliability and affects transparency. That is why we offer a full-service solution.

We take care of your cargo from pick up to delivery at destination, giving you one point of contact for its entire journey. Whether your cargo travels by land or sea, by barge or train, we are with you all the way, vastly increasing the simplicity and reliability of your supply chain.

5 reasons to ship your cargo with us

You get a simple supply chain with one point of contact

You can manage most of your shipments online – from pricing and booking through to document handling and delivery – so you have more time to concentrate on other things. And, because you have one point of contact for every shipment, you always know who to call with any issues, last minute changes or special requests, such as multi-stop drop-offs or layovers.

You get improved speed and reliability 

We manage connections to ensure you get the fastest transfer times possible. And, with teams of specialists ready to help optimise your supply chain, we can work with you to make sure your logistics flow smoothly and efficiently from end to end. 

You can reach new markets, anywhere on the globe 

We transport your sensitive goods – such as bananas and avocados – in controlled atmosphere containers, so they can travel farther than ever before and still arrive in perfect condition. We have a global presence and this means also our Inland Services coverage has a global footprint enabling you to reach any local market in the world.

You get unequalled reliability

With the world’s largest fleet, a comprehensive inland network, fixed schedules and consistent capacity, we make sure that you deliver your promises to your customers – time after time. We will make sure you receive your goods exactly at the minute you need it at your warehouse.

You take care of the environment

As we offer industry-leading low-CO2 shipping, the more you ship with us, the more you reduce the carbon footprint of your operations.

Getting started

To take advantage of our door-to-door inland services, simply add it to your next booking. Alternatively, look up inland services tariffs in your country.