Digital Solutions

We all buy goods, track deliveries and pay online. Shipping with Maersk is no different. Our tailored online services take the complexity out of shipping by letting you instantly book, manage and track shipments, submit Verified Gross Mass information and much more.


Web solutions

Our website is your shipping hub. It lets you take full control of the shipping process and supports your business by displaying the data you need.


Maersk Shipment app

Using real-time shipping information, the Maersk app is designed to help you track your cargo, schedule new shipments and receive automatic notifications.



MyFinance lets you make payments electronically, significantly reducing your paperwork and giving you a simple overview of your invoices and accounts.

EDI Solutions that speeds up the shipping process from hours to minutes

EDI solutions

With Electronic Data Interchange (EDI), you get greater control of your transactions while reducing manual work. EDI boosts your business by automatically synchronizing data across your and your business partners’ applications.

It speeds up the shipping process from hours to minutes. To learn more about how our EDI solutions can help you save time and increase efficiency, download our brochure:

Anything you need, we're here to help


Find a price

Look up rates for new shipments and inland tariffs.


Find schedules

Search for schedules information and manage existing shipments.


Local information

Find offices and shipping information for
your origin or destination.