Global presence

Pick a point on the globe, any point, and Maersk won't be far away.


Shipping from Africa

After more than a century of doing business in Africa, and with operations in almost every country across the continent, we can truly say “We know Africa”. Our long experience, extensive presence and local knowledge puts us in a unique position to improve its infrastructure and logistics corridors to accommodate economic growth. Did you know that Africa is Safmarine′s home ground??


Shipping from Asia

Asia's rise as an economic power has made it the most dynamic region in the world. Maersk is active across the continent. From China to Kazakhstan, Qatar, India and Vietnam, Maersk supports wealth through long-term investments and the transfer of critical knowledge to local workforces.?


Shipping from the Americas

Foreign trade has boosted economies throughout the Americas. From the USA, to Argentina, Ecuador and the Bahamas, Maersk is helping unleash the region’s potential by facilitating the flow of goods around the globe.?


Shipping from Europe

With Maersk headquarters located in Denmark and APM Terminals in the The Netherlands, we naturally have a keen focus on our service offerings in Europe but our activities are widespread throughout Europe, since as much as 40% of Intra-EU trade relies on sea transport.?


Shipping from Oceania

“Maersk has been behind Oceania businesses for more than twenty years. Whether it’s exporting New Zealand apples or Australian prime beef to key markets around the world, or importing the latest retail goods from China and beyond, Maersk works close with customers to provide extensive, competitive shipping services with seamless connections to our extensive global network.?

Trade Reports

Maersk trade reports provide an overview of trade in growth markets.